Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Well, Well, Well, .... Well....

The Cyanide Chicken Coop -- Welcome one and all.

No, this isn't one of your obligatory cult attempts at trying to be cool, pointless, original and creative all in one bulk hit. No, this isn't a fortunate chance at creating something highly strange for the heavy-duty Internet dwelling civilization to stick their grimey hands upon. No, this isn't your average blog about news and personality attributes that state whether or 'David Hasselhoff'-Friendly or 'Jay Mewes'-Friendly. This is going to be a blog about my life and the occasional threat upon someone else's -- Hell, I may even poke fun at them. I mean, that's entertainment right? Poking fun at people who's voices haven't changed after 20-years. That's fucking excellent comedy and the only reason YOU people out there don't know/understand that is because you're all ignorant pieces of mind scum, breeding off the tissue of some retard's cerebrum cortex!

^-]That right there is what 'The Cyanide Chicken Coop' is all about. Being yourself, dominating the superhighway, creating a corner of webspace just for yourself to moan, attack, scream, rant and debate in. That is what the CCC is about. I've done blog after blog after blog and I'm telling you, there's nothing more boring than dating each day of your life and recording the activites you did. Digesting each day and spewing out onto your keyboard for all to see. I just don't get shit like that at all. Personal issues and what not splayed upon an Internet that millions upon millions upon MILLIONS surf on. No, the CCC is all about the outer boundaries of common sense. We're going to dig shit straight out of its coffin and revive it. I smoke marijuana on occasion and I'll be planning to write when I'm absolutely blitzed out of my mind. I listen to music and I'll be planning to write a review here and there, a rant about a band here and there. But, for the most part?

You ain't going to see another blog like this one...